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Anorexia almost took my life

I am 26 years old and I have anorexia. I am currently in the process of recovering a normal life for a woman my age. Since adolescence I had a fixation with my body, but it was not until I was 18 that everything began to get out of control,[...]
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physical abuse

Overcoming physical abuse and thriving

One never truly knows how fragile life is until you nearly lose it. I’m a physical abuse survivor and I’m grateful for being alive every single day. I’ve been physically abused by a family member 3 times in my life. Out of those 3 times, twice I was worried my[...]
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A stroke taught me that life is a gift

To begin with, I had gotten a scholarship at the best university in the country, and I went to Montevideo from Salto, my hometown in Uruguay. I left for the capital at 18 years of age. So there I was, alone, and in my little flat. I was independent.
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unbalanced life

My body refused to live an unbalanced life

London, September 2012. This was not just another business trip. The time had come to present my 2 bosses with an important professional project. I was fully prepared professionally for this meaningful moment, and I was comfortable with the context, content, and staging.
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How I got over my husband's sudden death

We seemed invincible. We had a wonderful life, two amazing young children, a beautiful house, an interesting job and, above all, a very clear and exciting future life planned ahead of us. The news was waiting for me when I returned from work: my husband had died in an accident[...]
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abusive relationship

Only YOU can end a toxic relationship

It all started as the most beautiful love story you can imagine. At the age of 29 I fell in love for the first time, and who would have thought that after almost 10 years what began as an idyllic story turned into something dark from which I desperately needed[...]
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Surviving Leukemia 3 times

In November of 2018, I was living a typical late-20s fast paced lifestyle. I had gone to 7 weddings in 10 months in 5 different states. I was always on the go! That all changed on Wednesday November 14th 2018. I wasn’t feeling well and I went to get blood[...]
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eating disorder

Pulling myself out of my eating disorder

Since I was very little I felt that I did not fit in. My tastes did not match those of society, of what was expected of me. I felt out of place. The summer when it was time for me to go to college, I was nervous and bewildered. How[...]
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