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Ready to be uplifted by Hero stories? Read about how others have tapped into their inner heroes and activate your own drive to find a positive way forward!

Gracias a las migrañas llevo una vida más saludable

How my migraines led me to a more healthy lifestyle

It was January 1995, I was preparing for a 72 hour case study exam at university when I suddenly started getting a strong headache and my eyes hurt - I was convinced that I had the flu. I managed to get through the exam on painkillers. During my 20s the[...]
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Learning to let go

Learning to let go

The summer of 2019, I felt lost. I kept on spinning in a spiral of same people, same places and same things that I did not know how to break. I needed something new to engage my mind and body! I chose yoga in an effort to calibrate the flood[...]
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The hero that made me believe in myself

Believing in myself helped me to overcome Perthes

When I was 4 years old, my parents started noticing I had a slight limp. It never went away, and some months later, I was diagnosed with perthes. Do you know what that is? Do you remember Forrest Gump running like crazy with his leg braces? I had the same[...]
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Struggling to conceive despite PCOS

TK and I were trying to conceive for 2 years. I never thought of having kids until I met him. I remember our first conversation about this topic; we were at a club and he asked me to move in with him. I jokingly said, “and have 3 kids?” He[...]
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cómo superar la muerte de un padre

How to overcome the sudden loss of a loved one

I had just turned 14 when on the 19th of February I lost my father in such a sudden way that it is difficult to describe. The day before his death, I remember having prepared the costumes for Carnival with him, and having watched for the last time with him[...]
Life Lessons from my daughter

Thanks to my daughter I gave up control

It was bedtime, and we were going through the whole bedtime routine. My 6 year old daughter was waiting patiently for me, sitting in her bed, and I was in the bathroom trying to pull myself together. I was feeling completely burnt out, stressed out about countless things, and I[...]
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The world has come to a halt

When COVID stopped the world

It feels like we have been living inside a real life terror film called Covid 19, and I personally have been in confinement for 3 months. Alone. In a small one bedroom apartment, away from any family and friends. The infection rate here in Rio is astounding, and people are[...]
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Complementary therapy revolutionized my healing journey

Complementary therapies revolutionized my healing journey

I have written previously about my wellbeing journey, how I took an active role in my medical treatments, and how my overall experience has changed my perspective on community. The week of tests scans to reach my diagnosis was the worst week of my life. The first tests indicated that[...]
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How a routine doctor visit saved my life

My head was buzzing as I walked out of the doctor’s office that day. I felt completely disoriented and confused, and as I sat in my car listening to the engine, I realized I didn’t even know where I was going. I felt like my body was foreign to me,[...]
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The importance of community in healing journeys

The day before I started treatment, I went to the office to attend a meeting I had scheduled to tell my team what was happening. I had been receiving messages from team members and colleagues asking why I had cancelled a trip to Australia and was working from home, and[...]
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How an aggressive cancer unleashed my inner hero

Imagine that one day you are driving to a routine doctor checkup in your car, with the window down, long hair blowing, listening to the Rolling Stones’ “Time is on My Side,” humming along, and thinking about what you are going to make for dinner for your kids. Imagine that[...]
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