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Ready to be uplifted by Hero stories? Read about how others have tapped into their inner heroes and activate your own drive to find a positive way forward!

Memories from Africa

I changed my job to be in harmony with myself

As my friend Jessica wrote some time ago, before big changes come, first we experience chaos.  That is how I felt some years ago: completely in chaos. This is not a story of physical disruption, but looking back and in hindsight it definitely was a psychological disruption.
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Energize your soul

QiGong helped me survive breast cancer

My mother once told me that your life is built on 3 legs – your family and friends, your work and finances, and finally your health. It would be pretty remarkable if all 3 were perfect all the time. Usually one of them needs a bit of attention, we limp[...]
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Alzheimer’s Daughter: Remembering for Two

My mother has Alzheimer´s but we are not alone

There’s not much in life that is as difficult as losing a parent. I’ve watched my husband mourn the loss of both of his parents, my daughter’s sweet grand-pere who always loved hoisting her on his shoulders for rides around the park, and her grand-mere who loved to spoil her[...]
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