Who we are


Alana Gutierrez


Why are you passionate about helping others be empowered to take the reins of their lives?

I believe that every human being has the power to be their own hero no matter what dire situation(s) they are facing. We have the inherent right to feel empowered to respond to our ominous situation(s) by countering the highly negative aura with unwavering hope, positivity, and self-care. Possessing a more positive and powerful mindset provides greater win-win outcomes versus the alternative, negative stasis. This shift in mindset is fundamental to one’s overall well-being. Helping others identify more inspiring and positive solutions to their problem(s) will help them fortify true personal empowerment by converting intention into action. By exercising this new way of responding to life, all future challenges will be met head on by flipping the switch of positive decision-making. As a result, one takes back control of one’s life, and has used their experiences positively.

What do you hope that society will gain from U Are The Hero becoming a world-wide movement?

I hope that society will see the U Are The Hero world-wide movement as a catalyst of personal empowerment. During these unprecedented times, this new transformational movement will connect us all as our own heroes and heroes of humanity. In turn, my hope is that society will disempower negative thinking, the often modus operandi response, when facing severe problems. Instead, the U Are The Hero movement will become a sustainable force thanks to all of the heroes sharing their inspirational stories of triumph after hardship(s) through the implementation of positive solutions. As a result, this global movement will send shockwaves throughout society due to the innate heroes’ high that one receives after helping oneself and others. There’s a hero inside each of us—U Are The Hero movement will help everyone learn to fly!