Who we are


Carmen Cid


Why are you passionate about helping others be empowered to take the reins of their lives?

I am passionate about helping others to empower themselves because an empowered human being can bring light and well-being to their lives and life of others, I sincerely believe that we can only change the world if we change ourselves, but for that, we need to know how valuable we are, and what is our role in the world. A disempowered human being is a broken doll at the mercy of circumstances believing nothing can change. An empowered human being can change everything and always for the better.

What do you hope that society will gain from U Are The Hero becoming a world-wide movement?

For me it is essential to change the paradigm that prevails in our society about competitiveness and “the law of the strongest” to reach a collaborative society, where each one contributes with their “know-how” what the other lacks. I think that “U are the hero” is a wonderful opportunity to take that turn towards collaboration, supporting each other to overcome all kinds of adversity, drawing strength from within to help and help each other. That’s what I think “U are the hero” brings, collaboration and mutual support.