Who we are

Jessa de la Morena


Why are you passionate about helping others be empowered to take the reins of their lives?

Having cancer and going through a metastasis has made me transform that experience into one of my life purposes. One of the main gifts that my illness gave me was showing me that the hero I would look outwards for was always within me. This gave me the strength to fight and to find resources within me that I would never have dreamed of, and it is now what is empowering me to live the life of my dreams. I want every single person on this earth to know that they have this same power within and can achieve anything they set their minds to.

What do you hope that society will gain from U Are The Hero becoming a world-wide movement?

My hope is that when people start being vulnerable by sharing their story to help others, we will all realize that we are all effectively one. And if we have a deep knowing that we are all one, we will understand that we cannot be well individually if we are not well collectively. This comprehension will propel us to actively seek out ways in which to help each other and focus on making the world a better place, instead of competing with each other and bringing each other down.

Furthermore, as people are empowered by finding their inner hero, they will no longer feel like victims to what happens to them and will take action to change how they relate to their circumstances, solving any problem or situation they face or that surrounds them. This in turn will fuel the efforts that people make in order to improve the collective good of all that surrounds us.