Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions regulate your participation in the U ARE THE HERO Community (hereinafter the “UATH Community”) accessible through the application for mobile devices called U ARE THE HERO (hereinafter the “App”) and your access to the associated services (hereinafter the “services”).

The use of UATH services attributes the condition of User and implies full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms”).

Therefore, it is important that you read these Terms carefully before accessing the UATH Community and, if you do not agree with them, you must refrain from using them.

Currently, access to the UATH Community is enabled only through the UATH App for mobile devices. In the future it is possible that other channels will be enabled, such as the web. 

Likewise, through our UATH website www.uarethehero.com, we currently promote the platform and provide information to any interested party about UATH services. Also, through the website, Professionals can registered in our Community and have access to its private area.

Identification of the service provider:

  • Name: UARE THE HERO, S.L. (hereinafter “UATH”)
  • Commercial Registry of Madrid, Spain (sheet MA-728109)
  • NIF/VAT: B02728590
  • Registered office: Calle Ramón y Cajal 5, 28100 Alcobendas (Madrid) – Spain

Contact: [email protected]

UATH reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, as well as any other general or particular conditions, regulations of use, instructions or notices that may be applicable. Likewise, UATH reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or stop providing the services at any time.


The UATH Community has been conceived as a meeting place for those who are going through a disruptive moment in their lives (for example, an illness, the loss of a loved one, a failure, fear, depressive situations, etc.); a meeting place in which to share the experiences of users to promote – through common values ​​- self-improvement and knowledge. For this reason, our main objective is to provide our users with access to information about similar experiences, being aware that no one is the same, but they all provide help to a greater or lesser extent.

In response to this objective, UATH allows Users to share their personal stories, as well as, among other features, contact professionals referenced and registered in UATH when they have this service enabled. 

Therefore, UATH acts exclusively as an intermediary, since at all times activity is limited allowing Users to share their stories with other Users, including referrals of professionals with whom they can finally make an appointment.

Terms of Use

As a User, you acknowledge and accept that the access and use of the services offered and the content included in UATH is at all times free and conscious, and of your exclusive responsibility.

UATH does not guarantee the suitability of the experience it offers, nor of the content it hosts for the particular or specific purposes required by the User.

UATH may limit or condition access to the Community or to the Contents, which must be respected by the Users.

As a User you declare:

(i) You are 18 years of age or older

(ii) Have legal capacity to assume legal obligations

Similarly, as a User you agree to use the Services offered by UATH and the published content in an appropriate and lawful manner, in accordance with the laws, these Terms, morality and good customs and public order. In particular, you must refrain from:

(i) Making unauthorized or fraudulent use;

(ii) Accessing, or attempting to access, to resources or restricted areas without meeting the conditions required for such access;

(iii) Using the tools or content for purposes or effects that are illicit, illegal, contrary to what is established in these Terms, good faith and public order, that are harmful to the rights and interests of any third party, or that in any way way may damage, disable or overload the tools provided by UATH or prevent their normal use or enjoyment;

(iv) Introducing or spreading computer viruses, malware, or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause damage to the physical or logical systems of both UATH and its suppliers or anhy party;

(v) Attempting to access, use or manipulate the data of UATH, third-party providers, or other users;

(vi) Reproducing, copying, distributing, allowing public access through any form of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents of UATH without the authorization of its owner, unless permitted by law;

(vii) Deleting, hiding or manipulating the notes on copyright and other data identifying the rights of UATH or third parties incorporated into the content, as well as the technical protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be inserted in them;

(viii) Downloading or accessing the content using means or procedures other than those enabled for this purpose and indicated on the site where the content is located.

On the other hand, UATH reminds you that the presence of a hyperlink to another website does not imply in any case the existence of agreements between UATH and the owner of the linked site, nor does it imply the acceptance or approval of its contents or services by UATH, nor its adaptation to current legislation.

Those who intend to establish a hyperlink to UATH must previously request UATH’s written authorization and, in any case, must refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about UATH together with the hyperlink or include illegal content, contrary to good customs and public order. The hyperlink will only allow access to the UATH home page. In any case,.

In turn, UATH is not responsible for the use you make as a User of the materials made available to you on UATH or for the actions you carry out based on them.

Create an account

To access the services or functionalities offered by UATH, you must register through the App and provide the following personal data that is necessary both for your proper identification and for the creation and maintenance of your account: name, surnames, address, email, and phone number. In relation to this, as a User, you agree to provide accurate, updated and truthful information.

For registration, the User must choose a name and a personal password with which access to the user profile will be facilitated. This access data is personal and confidential, in such a way that it can only be modified at the request of the User or by initiative of UATH for security reasons. The chosen name will serve as a user name or personal identifier within the UATH Community.

UATH suggests that all Users use a pseudonym as user name, so that their identification is not possible and anonymity is maintained in the published story (both with respect to the user and any third party).

However, in the event that the User wishes to use his real name as a user name (which implies publishing his story linked to his name and surnames instead of under a pseudonym), UATH must expressly authorize it after verifying his identity through the Sending a copy of both sides of either  the National Identity Document (DNI, Foreigner Identity Number (NIE, passport or any other valid document to prove identity). To do this, UATH will contact the User via email in order to inform them of the process to follow to verify the identity of users who choose to identify themselves at UATH with their name and surnames.

The use of real name as user name may appear both in the published story and in the comments and active participation in the Community as well as in the excerpts of the story published on the UATH website as well as on social networks or other media in order to promote UATH services.

The User is responsible for keeping their username and password safe, secret, and beyond the knowledge of third parties, and, in the event of losing or sharing them, they will be fully and exclusively responsible for the use of the account that third parties may make.

Therefore, in case of loss or theft of access data, the User must modify them as soon as possible to avoid an aggravation of the damage caused.

Publication of the stories

Once the UATH account has been created, the User will be able to share their story, professional referrals and access the set of UATH services.

It is equally relevant to point out that in the publication of your story you must follow and respect the Values [hyperlink to uarethehero.com] of UATH at all times and that it implies a transfer of rights as regulated below in the section “Industrial and intellectual property rights”. Also, we put at your disposal in the following link some guidelines on how to write and write your hero story. [hyperlink to pdf]

If you want to share your experience, remember that anyone who registers with UATH will be able to access the content you send us. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not disclose sensitive information or that does not belong to you, as well as personal data (neither yours nor that of any third party) that allows others (especially those close to you) to determine your identity or that of third parties. who you can refer to in your story, nor contact information, such as addresses or phone numbers.

In any case, we remind you that Users must refrain from including inappropriate information in their stories and referrals, such as that relating to third parties that is inaccurate or illegal, that violates their data protection, that constitutes an invasion of privacy, is abusive, indecent, threatening, incites hatred or violence, or that is protected by intellectual property rights, except, in the latter case, that they are owned or have the express authorization of their legitimate owner. The content submitted by users will be their sole responsibility.

UATH Website

UATH has a website with the aim of making UATH and the services it offers known, as well as to give access to the Professionals to the services that UATH offers them.

In this sense, UATH reserves the right to include in said website excerpts from the stories published by the Users or from the references sent, as well as in social networks or other media, in order to promote UATH services, respecting in any case the anonymity of Users and professionals, unless you have opposed this abstracted and anonymous use of your history.

Professional Referrals

Through UATH, Users can include references to provide recognition of the professionals, treatments or activities that have contributed to their improvement and improvement process.

Therefore, UATH does not contain a directory of professionals, but the references of the Users related to the professionals who have attended them and accompanied them in their improvement process with the assessment of that contribution. UATH puts at your disposal the experiences and evaluations of the Users.

Professionals who offer their services

Professionals can register with UATH to offer their services to Users. In this sense, UATH allows Users to contact and schedule appointments with those registered professionals in the community that are interested in and offer this service.

After the effective provision of any specific service by a professional, the User may assess their experience through a satisfaction survey detailing the quality of the service or the professionalism of the provider and provide constructive feedback that will only be shared with the professional.  

The User may also consequently publish a referral of said professional in the community and link it to one of his stories.

Moderation and deletion of content published by Users

UATH has no obligation to moderate or monitor stories or references posted by Users. However, although the content will not be moderated, all posts will be subject to an automatic filtering system to prevent content that is deemed inappropriate by these automatic detection systems. For these automatic filters, a list of words, terms and names is used that, like a blacklist or like the possibility to flag inappropriate content in each story in the App. These procedures help us to check if the publication may not respect the UATH Values, allowing us to review them, if necessary, and check the veracity of the testimonials and their alignment to the Values ​​of UATH and the law,  taking appropriate action if necessary. 

On the other hand, if you consider that there are elements or content published on UATH that are illegal or violate your rights, you may also notify UATH by email to the address [email protected], sending all the documentation you have. UATH will use its best efforts and possible diligence to address your complaint and, if appropriate, remove the illegal content as quickly as possible. 

Delete your account

The User can delete its account at any time. To do this, you must send your account deletion request by email to the address [email protected]

In case of account deletion, your public profile on UATH, as well as comments and other contributions you have made to the UATH Community, will no longer be available to Users.

However, your story and references may remain published on UATH by replacing the user name with an anonymous name and removing singular references that could allow the identity of the User to be inferred, unless you have objected to this anonymous use of your story.

In any case, UATH will keep the information necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Services offered by third parties

The services of third parties that may be offered through UATH will, in general, be remunerated and the User must check the specific conditions of each professional under their sole responsibility, agreeing to the specific conditions.

The prices or price ranges of the professionals that, where appropriate, are published by UATH are offered for informational purposes only and for practical reasons. UATH does not guarantee in any case the accuracy or updating of said information. The User must verify it in each case with the professional before hiring him.

Routines for your well-being

UATH offers you access to the practice of certain routines for your well-being. These are exercises especially aimed at improving your well-being that you can contract through UATH, under the conditions specified at any time.

Exclusion of warranties

As a User, you know and accept that UATH collects, organizes and facilitates the dissemination of Users’ experiences and opinions.



(i) The quality, reliability, truth or usefulness, suitability, nor the legality, of the content, opinion and information provided by Users or by third parties through UATH, nor of theinaccuracies or errors that said information may contain.

(ii) The lack of availability of the service or its content, maintenance and effective operation of the tools.

(iii) The existence of malware, that is, malicious or harmful programs in the content.

(iv) Illicit use of the Site, negligent, fraudulent or contrary to these Terms.

Consequently, UATH excludes all liability for damages that may arise from previous illicit or improper uses of UATH. The User will be directly responsible for economic claims or claims of any kind that may be directed to UATH due to the above events or as a consequence of the breach of the obligations of the users established in these Terms.

Likewise, the User will be liable to UATH for claims or incidents in which they may be involved due to improper use of UATH.

In the same way, any contact or relation, contractual or non-contractual, that the User formalizes with other users, professionals or any third party, through UATH, is understood to be carried out solely and exclusively between the User and such third party, without UATH having any responsibility in said interaction nor in any conflict resulting from it.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

By publishing your story and comments on UATH, you request UATH to disclose the texts you provided us and to give access to them to any of the users registered in the UATH Community.

In addition, you grant UATH the right to review the contents to assess the suitability of the texts in accordance with the values, principles and policies of UATH, and you authorize us to modify them (without affecting the essence of the experience) in order to comply to the said values ​​(for example, eliminating proper names, locations, etc.), or eliminate them in the event that UATH is not capable of adapting them without altering the experience described or without applying an extraordinary effort to do so.

Access to the Community is expected to be provided in multiple languages. Therefore, your story and comments can be translated in the different versions of access.

Finally, by sharing your story and experience at UATH, you grant UATH the right to anonymize and extract the experiences, comments and references you publish to spread and promote UATH’s activity on the web and other promotional channels. In your user profile you can oppose this reuse by sending us an email to [email protected].

As a User, you acknowledge and accept that all industrial and intellectual property rights over the Contents and/or any other elements inserted in UATH (including, without limitation, trademarks, logos, trade names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flow charts, presentation, “look-and-feel”, audio and video), belong to UATH or to third parties. In no case, your  access to UATH imply any waiver, transmission or total or partial transfer of said UATH rights.

In this sense, the UATH Terms do not grant Users any right of use, alteration, transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents of UATH other than those expressly provided for herein. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the prior and express authorization specifically granted for this purpose by UATH or the third party owner of the affected rights.

However, UATH authorizes Users to use, view, print, download and store the Content and elements inserted in UATH exclusively for their personal, private and non-profitable use, provided that in any case the origin and author of the content is indicated, and that, where appropriate, the copyright symbol of their owners appears. The use of such elements, their reproduction, communication or distribution for commercial or lucrative purposes, as well as their modification, alteration, or decompilation, is strictly prohibited.

For any other use other than those expressly permitted, it will be necessary to obtain the prior, express, and written consent of the specific owner of the rights in question.

Privacy and cookie policy

At UATH we are committed to the privacy of your personal data. We firmly believe in transparency and we aim to maintain a relationship with you based on respect, trust and mutual interest.

You can find detailed information on the processing of your personal data and on the specific processing derived from the use of cookies in our Privacy Policy


In case of total or partial breach of the obligations or provisions of the UATH Terms by any User, UATH may modify, suspend, limit or cancel the access of said User to all or part of the services, or deactivate their account. without prior notice.

Likewise, UATH reserves the right to bring legal action according to the applicable law in case of breach of any of the provisions of these Terms by the Users.

Partial Nullity

In case any of these Terms in declared as null, void, invalid or ineffective, it will not affect the validity of the remaining terms which will continue to be binding between the parties. Similarly, the waiver by either party to request compliance with any specific term or condition stipulated herein at a given time will not imply a general waiver of compliance with another term or conditions, nor will it create an acquired right for the other party.

Applicable Law

The provision of the service and this Terms are governed by Spanish law and regulations, without prejudice to the application of the law of other countries in accordance with the rules of private international law.


Both UATH and the Users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, without prejudice to the application of private international law regulations.

Likewise, we inform you that you can use the dispute resolution platform provided by the European Commission available at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Finally, as a User, you declare that you have read, understood, and accepted the full content and stipulations of these Terms, as well as their validity and applicability at the time of accessing to UATH.


If you have any questions about these Terms or about the use and services of UATH, please contact [email protected].

These Terms and Conditions have been updated for the last time on the 25 of July 2022.