Who we are

Liisa Jackson


Why are you passionate about helping others be empowered to take the reins of their lives?

There is so much information in the world today…so many opinions, so many options and so many decisions. Each of us has a purely unique situation and set of experiences. Relying on others’ opinions is good for gathering information, but it is such a small part of the equation. Only we can truly know what is happening in our lives, but it takes work and learning how to listen to our body and intuition. When we do this, then we can become the best expert who can process all the information and options and know how to apply them to our lives so we can make the best improvements and create the most optimal environment for our self care. Each of us can thrive when we are no longer passively living our lives, but instead taking initiative and empowering ourselves.

What do you hope that society will gain from U Are The Hero becoming a world-wide movement?

That people don’t feel alone. I hope it provides a place where people can make connections and learn at their own pace and comfort level. Some of the best advice I’ve received, or the most valuable inspiration has been through feeling connected in some way to the person sharing. I love how people will be able to share their experiences in a genuine way and give real life testimony to their treatment from various professionals. When someone is in a stressful situation and not sure what direction to take, they can read about others’ experiences and have the freedom and space to explore and discover connections which will help propel them towards making the healthiest decisions for themselves..