Who we are

Nicholas Machado


Why are you passionate about helping others be empowered to take the reins of their lives?

I strive to live every day as an opportunity to add value to the people and the world around me. Whether it be in business where I add value to my clients and coworkers, or in my family and communities. I believe that this is the basis for all business and social movements. Bringing that philosophy to help those that are facing a life disruption is a way to help and bring hope and purpose to many that are suffering with issues that affect us all. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a robust support network or people in their lives that have experience, knowledge, or the tools to help guide them to a solution and ultimately towards transcendence. This app gives people access to community, expertise, and empowers them with tools that can help them with their current disruption and let them give back and be the hero for others.

What do you hope that society will gain from U Are The Hero becoming a world-wide movement?

I hope to see a massive movement of people that share their stories and their vulnerability and inspire others. We never know the full extent of each life lived and how they touch and influence the lives of others and all the great results that it creates in the world. It is like a ripple in a pond, and those ripples can create waves. This is a platform to create more ripples, touch more lives, and allow people to transcend their circumstances and hopefully continue on to live their best lives and inspire others to do the same.